Friday, January 23, 2009

Another busy day!

This morning we returned to music class with Ms. Moira.Jammy and Granpa came to watch the class before their doctor's appointments. There are lots of new friends in the Friday class.We did lots of familiar things: played bells and sticks, had scarf time, and we blew bubbles!After class we drove over to Rio Norte to see Ron (and all of our other friends there!) Libs was so excited to see her Daddy and I think Ron was happy to show her off.Miss Libs feels right at home in a classroom-- I guess that's what happens when both your parents are teachers :) It did make me a little sad to see her in the big desk-- she won't look so little for long.On this very rainy day Miss Libs found it very fun to dance around in the puddles. She also enjoyed the big red balloons that the local housing development had to attract folks to their houses. There were two of them... one to her left and one to her right... she kept dancing and pointing at them.After a nap it was off to Nana and Pop's house for dinner. They had balloons ready to celebrate Libs birthday and she thoroughly enjoyed them!The Birthday girl got silly with some tuna cans and a box on her head-- luckily Jammy had the camera ready!To show off her dancing skills I YouTubed the Wiggles and off she went. She is quite the bum shaker!Nana and Pop had never seen the Wiggles, so Libs had to share the joy!To cap off a fun visit, Nana served up her world famous cupcakes with a special candle for Libs to blow. She is really getting the hang of this Birthday thing!

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