Friday, January 9, 2009

Two adventures

Today we visited another preschool. This morning at 8:45 we drove two minutes from the house to Santa Clarita Little People. Libs loved this one! They let her play with their toys, sit and do calendar time with them AND have snack (today it was chocolate pudding!). Miss Carole showed us around the darling campus and Miss Libs even stayed in a classroom with the kids while Ron and I finished the tour. It had a really good feel for all of us!
Two funny things happened while we were there:
1. Miss Libs wanted to wear her ducky sunglasses inside and we let her. Miss Carole remarked at her outfit and asked if she knew that yellow and red (the color of her shirt) were the colors of the week? Libs even got to stand up in front of the kids and share with them.
2. Before snack the kids all wash up and Libs was no exception! The teacher helped her on the stool, showed her how to get soap, and then pulled out a paper towel for her. Miss Lou dried her hands but then she didn't know what to do with her trash so she shoved it back into the dispenser! It was a very clever solution-- she put it back where it came from!

Currently Libi and I are on separate adventures. She and Jammy are hanging out at our house while Ron and I are on our way to Vegas. I'm hoping to still blog from there but this is taking forever on my iPhone!


Amy said...

How fun that you went to SCLP! You know, Creative Years and SCLP were two of the three preschools I first looked at. :-)

Mr. Ippolito said...

I'm having lots of fun with you honey!!