Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!

Today we were busy, busy bees here at the house. We all finally felt well enough to do some long awaited work around the house. I'm happy to report that Christmas is almost out of the Ippolito house. The tree is nearly bare-- only 2 ornaments left (darn those ones that are connected to the lights!)

Libs has been a fairy most of the day.We have again had the pleasure today of watching THE movie-- Libs got to show her wings to Miss Tink today.
My favorite moment of the day came at lunch-- we told Libs that it was time for food. I walked into the kitchen and came out to find this scene:
All dressed up and ready to eat!!! I guess that even fairies get hungry!

Well that's all today from Pixie Hollow-- aka the Ippolito house.

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