Thursday, January 8, 2009

The obsession!

Our home lately has been quite Tinkerbell obsessed. She has been identifying Miss Bell since they first began running commercials on TV.

Thanks to Jammy she received the DVD for Christmas. We have since watched this "Tinkerbell DVD Blueray" as my daughter calls it, every day! Ron and I now know it by heart.

Then for Christmas the Strassner's gave Libi a Tinkerbell doll. She has slept with it every night, taken it to Stockton and today we took her to Disneyland.
We ate lunch at Cafe Orleans-- she even tried on Libi's pirate hat. After a yummy meal of Monte Cristo's, ratatouille, and spaghetti we took Tinkerbell home to Pixie Hollow.
The line was almost an hour long, but Libs filled the time showing Tink all that their was to see.
We discovered that Miss Bell is quite an acrobat. She likes to swing from the chains in the queues-- sadly she also gets stuck there and Mommy needs to rescue her.Pixie Hollow is a really amazing place. Tink enjoyed seeing all of the flowers, water, and her fairy friends who were scattered through the landscape.
Perhaps the most exciting thing we did today was take our Tink to meet the real Tink. After a short meeting with Silvermist (who was very nice but she just isn't as special) we saw her. Libs ran over and yelled "Hello Tinkerbell!" She was able to touch Tink's wings and have a nice long chat with her. Poor Libs didn't want to leave and I didn't want to make her.
It was an amazing day for my little Tinkerbell fan!

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amy said...

How fun!!!! What a special memory made today!