Friday, January 30, 2009

A musical day....

Fridays are our new music days. Mommy looks forward to them almost as much as Libi. Today our class began late, but was full of lots of friends.We got to use pool noodles as horses for the song "Old Joe." Amazingly the kids didn't use them as weapons! It was hilarious to see all of the kids watching themselves in the mirror while they danced with them.We ended with bubbles, probably Libi's favorite part of music. Today she decided to eat her bubbles-- at least her mouth is REALLY clean!!!

This afternoon before nap time Libs and I were sitting on the sofa and she began to rub my cheek. She then looks me in the eye and says "Easy, easy Silvermist's got you!" This is a line from the Tinkerbell movie-- I guess we have been watching it a lot! Little Missy has my useless tallent for memorizing dialog from movies and TV.When Daddy got home the two buddies went out to get the mail. Somehow Libi managed to climg into Daddy's car and go for a spin! Won't she love this picture on her 16th Birthday cake???

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