Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Cut Above

This morning we got to sleep in a bit-- which was heavenly! After a quick breakfast Libs hopped into the tubby and entertained me with her xylophone music. She was very excited to go see Cassie to get her hair done.Today she wore her candy outfit from Jammy and Granpa. She was thrilled that the mittens had "candy canes" on them. When I pointed out that they were lollipops she said, "Doctor lollipops" beacause the only place she gets lollipops is from Dr. Vashistha.She asked for her picture with the Wiggles-- note the big red car on the TV-- and Tinkerbell before we left.Mommy of course obliged-- it is part of my New Year's "resolution" to take at least one photo a day. Then we threw the camera and Libi in the car and went to get our hair done.

When we got to Margarita's (my hair salon) Libs ran into the place and called "Cassie, Cassie HAIR!!!" She ran up to her chair, pulled off her hat and kind of demanded that she get her hair done. Cassie was finishing up with Carole Lombard-- who says "Hi!" to Mom-- then she got down to business with Libs. She was a great client, even if she was a bit fidgety. She was so happy getting her bangs cut so she would look pretty like Tinkerbell! After she was done I threw on Tink on Grammy's portable DVD player-- thanks Cris for letting me borrow it-- and it was my turn! I now have a much shorter haircut and my bangs are back to being manageable!!!

Now we are home and Libs is napping. Mommy is getting ready to go out to dinner with Amy to celebrate her Birthday-- even if it is much belated! Libi is saving her energy to play with Ben and Emma and maybe Howard too!

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