Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday night at Aunt Andrea's house

Tonight we met up with Aunt Andrea, Grammy and Grampy at Aunt Andrea's house. We ate some yummy pizza and then the fun began!!!Aunt Andrea has so many fun toys. She brought out her Airzooka, which shoots blasts of air in peoples faces.Libi thought it was the most fun thing ever!! She kept saying, "Daddy's turn, Grampy's turn, Libi's turn" telling Andrea who should get the blast next.Next we tried Dance, Dance Revolution-- even Grammy and Mommy did it!!!Daddy and Aunt Andrea were by far the best at the game, but Libs had fun with the music and the mat.We ended the night playing a Taboo game called Kabooki which was very fun! My first Wii experience was super fun--- I think we'll need a Wii at home :)

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