Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A trip to the park and another doctor visit....

Today began slowly, we both enjoyed sleeping in this morning :) Due to a cancellation from Nana and Pop we were able to go to a Mom's Club park date. Libs ran into the park to see all of her friends. While I was chatting with some of the moms she ran to the swings and persuaded a mom to put her on the big girl swing.
She loved the exhilaration! She kept saying "Hold on tight," I'm so glad my Mommy paranoia for being safe is rubbing off.

Now that she's two (her first words out of her mouth every morning after Hello Mommy) she is determined to climb up on the rocking horse.
She never made it, but I'm happy to report that she didn't fall off either.

The kids were really into the sand toys today. Libs enjoyed playing with a shovel, two horse shoes and a pinecone. She also decided to eat sand--I fed her before we left... honest!
Here is the whole gang in the sand box! Note Libi laying full on in the sand :)

We ran to grab some party stuff after the park and I noticed that Libi was just coughing and her nose was running nonstop. I called Dr. Vashistha and he said he wanted to see her. After a short wait we found out that poor Missy now has a head cold. Her ear infections have cleared but now she has a whole new malady. We have her on new meds and we're hoping for the best.

She did get to show her Tinkerbell dolly to the doctor and to Cassie who cuts our hair. The cutie-patootie story for the day comes from a brief stop to make an appointment at our hair salon. She walked through the whole shop saying, "Cassie, Cassie" until she found her in the back. Once she saw her she pulled off her hat and said, "Cassie hair!" She was very disappointed that she wasn't gettting her hair done today. Hopefully she'll be as excited about it next week when we actually have an appointment.

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