Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A busy Wednesday.

This morning we went to the park for a Mom's Club membership meeting. Libs was most interested by the branch she found on the ground and the books people brought for the book exchange. It was nice to be outside in the brisk January air for a bit then it was off to Nana and Pops.While Pop wasn't looking at Ralphs Nana stole a bunch of stickers for Libs. She says that she told the box boy she was taking them for her great-granddaughter but she wasn't sure he believed her. Libs enjoyed sticking them on Nana, Pop, Mommy and her coloring book.Libi and Nana had fun playing together, as always! Today they colored, banged on tins, and watched Elmo.For Libs 2nd Birthday Nana and Pop got Libi her first tricycle. They had it all set up for her last week, but the first one was too small. Today she got to test out the big girl tricycle. She had a little trouble with the pedals, but she loved being pushed around. Tonight at Skipper Club there was a rock and mineral display. Libs enjoyed the magnifying glasses and seeing all the sparkly rocks.Ron lead a great game with the kids, hula hoops and tennis balls. Watching 2 and 3 year olds throw tennis balls was a great fun. Ron did a great job fascilitating-- I think he was only hit a few times. Libi had some difficulty with the terms "inside the hoop" and "pair up with a partner" but she was smiling when it was over!Tomorrow we will run down to Disneyland to meet up with a friend from my online scrapbook group.

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