Sunday, January 25, 2009

The day after the party...

Last night at dinner Libi was chatting away, as she does whenever there is silence, and she did the cutest thing. She said "Goofy, ha-uk ha-uk!" At first we weren't sure what she was doing but then we realized she was doing her first impression. It was good for a laugh from all of us, so now she does it often.

Today we had a nice, quiet day at the house. We had to say goodbye to Jammy and Granpa this morning, but it is heaven to get back to a "normal" routine.

Miss Libs has been enjoying all of her new books and toys. She especially is enthralled with the Mickey Mouse book from the Strassners and the Peek-a-boo books from Uncle Charlie.Tonight we put Libi into her first ever nightgown. She loves mugging for her reflection in the sliding glass door. She sings and talks to the girl in the mirror and shows her anything new we get during the day. It makes Mommy smile because it's very much like Anne of Green Gables with her window friend, Katie. I hope that she enjoys that story as much as I do one day ;)

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