Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A busy day...

Today we began the quest to find the perfect preschool for Miss. Libi. We toured Creative Years Preschool in the middle of the SCV. It was very nice and she seemed to like it. While we were going over the schools policies and paperwork Libs was able to play in one of the rooms. She kept bringing us blocks, maracas and other toys. She also found the magnetic letters and she brought over the "R," the "O" and the "N"-- she spelled out her Daddy's name! What a prodigy!
Afterwards we drove to Nana and Pop's house for Wednesday lunch. Today Nana and Libi were loud together!!! They were playing with holiday tins-- banging away at them and having a good time!

After a short nap it was time for Skipper Club. Tonight was quite stressful for Mommy-- learning a new song, not having my partner teacher there, the kids out of practice after being off for two weeks, and having one of my darlings throw up a few minutes into our curriculum. Not to mention that I had a raging headach. Here is a picture of my little darlings-- they are only quiet during snack time!

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