Thursday, January 29, 2009

Libi's 26th trip to Disneyland

This morning we drove down to Disneyland to meet up with one of my friends from the Disney online club. On the drive down Libi kept asking for pictures with various characters including Goofy, Mickey, Tinkerbell, and Tigger. Mommy was a bit miffed that her friend stood her up, but we saw Goofy right away and that lifted both our spirits!
To our delight Mary Poppins and Bert walked right in front of us so we followed them for a photo op. We got to spend a lot of time talking with them, showing them Tinkerbell, and giving hugs.Then we were off to Pixie Hollow where Libi got to see Tink's shoes up close. We were so blessed to have a ton of time to chat with Miss Bell. We also got to see Silvermist again-- but alas no Bobble, Clank or Fairy Mary. I tried to give Libi the heads up that they wouldn't be there, but she wasn't too upset about it.Next we were off to Toontown to see the Mouse. Libi again showed her Tinkerbell off and spent some time showing Mickey his nose and ears.To get some oogies out we went to Goofy's house to the play yard. Miss wild-child loved the slide and the water hose-- Mommy loved the chance to stop being a pack mule and sit down.Our next activity was a first for us-- we went to the Princess Faire to see the princesses. We were lucky enough to see:Ariel, Jazmine,and Aurora! It was so nice to have the girls sit on the floor and chat with Libi. She showed them Tinkerbell-- and even offered to leave her with Ariel-- chatted about the horses on their backdrops, and blew them kisses.

It was great for me to realize that I can do Disneyland alone with an active toddler, but it is way more fun with Daddy!!!

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