Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Family Day...

Today we also had a free day on the calendar so I proposed having a family outing day. I was envisioning going to Disneyland, riding the Metro train to some place new, or heading to a museum. Ron chose the activity and we ended up at..... wait for it....

Lowe's hardware store to pick out my Valentine's gift! What romantic thing were we getting:

a new kitchen faucet! I am actually really excited about my gift as our current faucet recently began squirting out of the side of the spigot....

We always manage to make every outing fun-- so even though it wouldn't have been my first choice I was glad to spend the day with my family!

We also went out to lunch at Chili's which we haven't been to in ages! They have a whole new menu with a really tasty steak sandwich!!

Thanks Daddy for a fun family day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day with nothing to do!!!

Today was a very rare Saturday-- we had nothing on the calendar! We decided to clean out the kitchen cabinets and get laundry done... I know super exciting!!

Libs used the down time to dress up...

and play with all of her accessories!!!

She's quite the fashionista!!!

I think she enjoyed a day to just play!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A super fun day!!

Today we went to see Nana and Pop to make up for Wednesday!

When we arrived Nana had a surprise-- two new tambourines which had been adorned with pretty ribbons! Libs was drawn straight to them and she made quite a racket shaking and banging on them!

Today we celebrated Nana's birthday which was on the 26th! She got some new cards from us in addition to the birthday song we sang to her on her actual birthday!

Libi noticed that the napkins were not under the silverware so she had to "fix" it! She is very particular about how the table is set!

Today there were two desserts with lunch-- yummy maple bars and angle food cake with Nana's special chocolate frosting.

In the evening I had a scrapbook night for a few friends and we made this little Valentine's make and take. It is a treat bag made mostly with my Cricut! The three gals who showed up had fun and I got a lot done!!!

So I could have some Mommy time, Ron took Libs out for the evening. When they left they had no idea where they would end up, they just knew it would be fun!

They drove down to Winnetka to see....

the Chipmunk Movie!!! (Better Ron than me!)

Libs loved the movie-- I guess there were lots of songs in it! They got back pretty late, but they had tons of fun so it's all good.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Disney Day...

Today was Disney day at preschool and we were ready for it!!!! I dressed Libs in a black outfit and white sweatshirt with her pink mouse ears! Without the sweatshirt she looked a bit like she was on a stage crew for a musical :)

Libs also got to take a Disney doll in to share with her friends, she choose her Aurora doll that the Strassner's gave her when we went to see the movie at the El Cap! Aurora loves dancing as you can see from this picture!

After twirling there was a time of collapse! I just love this shot since it was color and shape month at school-- it's a great summary of life in preschool!!!

Here is one of the paintings that Libi has done at school-- she has quite a gift :)

After school we headed to Cassie's to have our bangs cut.

Here is the before shot....

During the trim....

And after with both of us finally being able to see clearly!!!

When Daddy got home Libi had to model her ears that she made at school...

she even let Daddy wear them-- he's such a trooper!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wednesday where we weren't where we were supposed to be...

Our Wednesdays are always the same: lunch at Nana and Pop's, nap, then Skipper Club. Today the only thing that was normal was nap-time-- other than that, our whole schedule changed!

In the morning I met up with some former and current MOPS gals at Egg Plantation.

They were doing a fundraiser for Haiti and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get together!!!

Libi was the only child there. She sat at her own little table and was almost a perfect angel!! The longer the conversation went she did get a bit antsy, but she was still a trooper!

Next we headed to Rio Norte to check in with Daddy!

The white board is still Libi's favorite thing in his classroom-- especially when she can turn the markers into microphones and sing for all Daddy's students! No self-esteem issues with my daughter!!!

Tonight Ron and I headed to the SCLP parents night, followed by dinner at Backwoods Inn.

We always forget how yummy the food is here AND how much we enjoy a little time to be just the two of us! Thanks Grammy for watching Libs so this was possible!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black and White Week at school

In honor of black and white week Libi's went dressed to the nines!

They have been giving the grass a rest so they were on the blacktop again today--this time playing with shapes!

They have been doing lots of painting at school lately, which Libi really digs! I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so she can paint outside on her new easel!

Today Libs wore a skirt to school which is a pretty rare thing!

She was happily dancing and twirling around and then two seconds after this shot was taken she fell and scraped her knee-- I guess we will be wearing pants to school on Thursday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

One photo....

Yep, this is all I have for today-- one lousy iPhone picture to remind me to get a new cartridge for my Xyron.

This was such an odd day! Libi and I spent the day recovering from our 5+ hour drive home with more potty stops than I can remember! I totally spaced on taking pictures of her!

I did take this one photo before I went to bed, you see I have challenged myself to make 100 scrapbook layouts before I buy any new product. This is especially difficult after seeing all the cute new stuff coming out of CHA this weekend!!! I have so much in my scrapbook room that it seems irresponsible to buy more until I've used more of what I have, hence the challenge! I am already over 20 pages in and it's been really fun to just go through and use my stash! I am allowed to buy adhesives and since I've been using my Cricut a ton I just ran out of my Xyron adhesive-- leading to the one and only picture for today!

To help ease the pain of the lack of photos-- here are some things that Libi has said recently:

-"I'm here!!!" the second she walked through the door at preschool causing everyone to stop and stare at my confident daughter.

-"Just one napkin!" When we were getting ready for dinner. We have been working on not taking more than you need with Kleenex, napkins and toilet paper-- perhaps she thought we needed to be reminded as well.

-"I see myself!" Libi finally noticed that she can see herself in the rear-view mirror during our trip up north!

-We saw lightening on the drive to Mary Poppins-- Libi's response: "Do it again!!!"

-"My ears hurt!" again in response to Ron and I singing or a song she doesn't like. We are working on a more polite response!

-"Relax Mommy!" This was said to me on Friday as I was scrambling to pack everyone up for our weekend away-- not sure where she picked this up, but I'm not a fan!

-When Daddy asked Libi to sit on the potty she replied-- "I'm not Tobee I'm a girl!!!"

-Grampy's car has been having trouble so only Grammy came over to visit one evening. We were explaining to Libi why he wasn't here when Libi asked Grammy, "Do you have an airplane?"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Typhoid Mary is heading home...

Sadly we shared our stomach bug with Jammy so we didn't see her at all on Sunday before we left. (Coincidentally we also shared with Granpa who was out of commission on Monday!)

Libs ran around and got lots of oogies out before our long drive home.

For the past few trips Libi has been fascinated with Jammy's scrapbook albums I make her every year for Christmas. She looks at all of the pictures of baby Libi and says things like: "So cute" or "That's when I was a baby!". However this time I think I freaked her out! There is a picture in the first book of our ultrasound and I told Libs that it was a picture of her when she was in Mommy's tummy. She just stared at me and said, "I'm not in Mommy's tummy!" For the rest of the day she was scared that she was going to have to go back into my tummy. I explained that she was much too big and that there was NO WAY she was going back in my belly, but I think in the back of her mind she's still tweaked out about it. Whoops!!!

Yesterday we ran some errands with Granpa and he bought her this rose (it was her choice in the dollar section at Target!)

It has been really fun to spend so much one-on-one time with my Dad when we visit!!!

Smell the lovely fabric rose!

As soon as Ron gets back from Sommerset we are heading home-- can't wait to have the family back together again!