Friday, January 8, 2010

More traveling...

We drove down south for the weekend and found it to be GORGEOUS!!!

We had a lovely room with a balcony and view of the pool. Miss Libi spent a great deal of time talking about "Miss Carrot" her swim teacher who would like the pool. Hopefully before we see Miss Karen in a few months we can re-train her to remember her name correctly.

While I unpacked Lib wasted no time in making the space her own:

she unpacked all of her toys...

and made Tiana a nice place to rest.

Libi and I took a nap together which was a big production. She was wiggly and wobbly and didn't want to rest. I finally had to threaten within and inch of her upcoming Princess party and we ended up sleeping for almost two hours.

For dinner Ron went with the board to bond and Libi and I went to bond in Old Town. We ended up here at this Mexican restaurant for dinner-- why this particular place you ask??? Libi had a potty emergency and this was the closest place to us. Instead of just pottying and running we decided to stay and eat. It was quite an odd place-- kind of an Indian and Mexican fusion.

Libi liked the blooming cactus that was on our table. (Sorry for the fuzzy shots, but I was trying out some new settings on my camera.)

The tortilla chips and taco shells were both made of Indian bread-- very odd!

Libi was impressed with how large some of them were, but she wasn't really impressed with her food. I had to bribe her to eat her quesadilla with the promise of dessert.

We spent some time walking around absorbing all of the sights in Old Town until Libi spied the stage...

It was all over once my little starlet saw that. I convinced her not to get on the stage, but to dance in front of it so she wouldn't get yelled at by security.

She grabbed some hay and did some "Bibbidy, bobbidy, booing!",

she danced,

and she sang.... loudly!!! What a ham!

To get her off the stage we decided to grab dessert. She selected strawberry ice cream and I stuck with the more traditional vanilla-- we both enjoyed our treat immensely!

On the way back to the car Libi noticed some tourist taking their photo on the covered wagon and she insisted that she get her photo here too. I tried to have her stand in front of it for the pic, but she wanted to be on the wagon....

until I stepped away and she realized how high she was.

Tomorrow we are heading to Sea World-- wish me luck :)

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