Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Skippers...

We were planning on having lunch with Nana and Pop, but they canceled so we just stayed in and cuddled!

Tonight it was back to Skipper Club for all of us.

Libi was so excited to see her friends-- notice her jumping with glee while her pals are less than enthused!

I love this sweet picture-- it was taken while they were trying to make baby Kendal smile. Babies just bring out the best in everyone-- even little people!

It was a small class today, which was fine with me because my co-teacher wasn't there. The kids who were there really enjoyed our "Skippy Says" activity and our shorter lesson so they had lots of time to play!

For dinner we went to BJ's and Libi ordered a kids meal. Their kids meals come with "happy potatoes"-- we tried to get Libi to pose with one...

Daddy had to model it first...

then Miss Ketchup-face got it right!!

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