Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wednesday where we weren't where we were supposed to be...

Our Wednesdays are always the same: lunch at Nana and Pop's, nap, then Skipper Club. Today the only thing that was normal was nap-time-- other than that, our whole schedule changed!

In the morning I met up with some former and current MOPS gals at Egg Plantation.

They were doing a fundraiser for Haiti and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get together!!!

Libi was the only child there. She sat at her own little table and was almost a perfect angel!! The longer the conversation went she did get a bit antsy, but she was still a trooper!

Next we headed to Rio Norte to check in with Daddy!

The white board is still Libi's favorite thing in his classroom-- especially when she can turn the markers into microphones and sing for all Daddy's students! No self-esteem issues with my daughter!!!

Tonight Ron and I headed to the SCLP parents night, followed by dinner at Backwoods Inn.

We always forget how yummy the food is here AND how much we enjoy a little time to be just the two of us! Thanks Grammy for watching Libs so this was possible!

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