Thursday, January 7, 2010

A short post due to the low-key day...

This week has been really slow for all of us to re-coop after all of the holiday craziness. Libi began this morning accessorizing herself in jewelry and then having birthday parties for all of her Disney toys-- ALL of her Disney toys, one by one!

It was quite a sight to behold as she put each one up on a stage then sang to them and had them blow out their candles.

In the afternoon I was given the chance to scrapbook-- more on that later-- and Ron and Libi went to Grammy's house. They had a chance to look at the plumbing hole in their bathroom which Ron described as an "archaeological dig." Luckily they fixed the problem so all should be well now!

Tomorrow we head out to a CADA board meeting in San Diego-- more fun then!

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