Monday, January 4, 2010

Heading home...

This morning there was lots of playing before we hopped into the car for the drive home. Love the shoes :)

It didn't take long before Libi crashed on the drive home-- Tobee stayed wide awake :)

It was a long, dreary drive home but our spirits were high-- we had a great visit with Jammy and Granpa and we were ready to return home.

Tobee was especially longing for her big yard to run and bark in!

It was cold and foggy on the drive-- the photo doesn't do justice to just how little we could see.

Libs kept quite busy after her nap-- playing with all of her goodies in her backpack and her new book from San Francisco.

She even played teacher and showed me things from the book. Note the book turned upside down for her and her very teachery pointy finger-- she's destined to be in a classroom :)

This was the last fog we saw before we went up the grapevine. So nice to be home!

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