Saturday, January 16, 2010

2 Parties in one day...

This morning Jammy came into town!

To mark the momentous occasion of turning three, Libi had her fingernails painted for the first time today.

She was quite a pro at blowing them dry.

Look at those pretty pink nails on that pretty little lady!

To help get into the princess mood Jammy and Daddy found this very pretty dress on their way home from the airport.

The best princesses know how to curtsy.

Daddy even got into the princess spirit--- aahh the things you do when you have a daughter :)

We had a few friends over to help Libi celebrate. Liana came over and much to her Daddy's dismay we introduced her to juice for the first time. Liana saw all the big kids with it and wanted to try so her Mommy relented. She inhaled the entire box-- I think we created a monster.

Libi proudly showed her age all day and she's getting really good at flashing three fingers.

All of the kids played with our musical instruments-- it was quite a cacophony for a while.

Every princess party needs a pretty cake with lots of candles to blow out (three is just too few!)

Libs listened intently until the end when it was time to....


After cake there was some dressing up...

and some dancing...

before presents!

Libs was quite a good gift opener.

She took her time with every gift and thanked each giver. We didn't ask for gifts, but Libi got some really nice things (especially some good new books!)

Some things I learned today at the party:

1. Fewer folks is better-- you don't need to invite the whole Christmas card list.

2. 1-3 p.m. is the optimal time for toddlers to party.

3. You don't have to have planned activities. The kids had plenty of fun just playing with Libi's toys and each other.

4. Your house doesn't have to be impeccably clean-- thanks Michele and Lisa for reinforcing this. Your friends and family won't comment on the dust they see so don't kill yourself making things "perfect".

5. Next year I want to take pictures of Libi with each of her guests-- make this happen!

After Libi and Jammy took a nap it was off to party #2 at Nana and Pop's house.

Libi got to open one present before dinner...

it was a tiny nursery set, which she loved!

After a yummy pizza dinner it was time for...

more Birthday cake!!!

Libi is a super spoiled young lady-- look at all those gifts!!

Tonight she opened her presents from Ron and I, Jammy and Granpa and Nana and Pop-- she even had folks help her open them.

It was quite a Fancy Nancy occasion!

Libi got lots of fun dress up stuff (which she had to put on IMMEDIATELY!!)

That's a lot of look!!

She also got a Fancy Nancy doll,

some new princess books,

and lots of other fun stuff!

Nancy and Tiana had lots of fun getting to know each other.

They chatted away...

and danced too-- much to the delight of Nana!

Nana and Pop also got Libs a little guitar which she used to sing the "Hello" and "Goodbye" songs on repeatedly!!

Daddy used his iPhone to show Nana and Pop Libi's debut video on YouTube-- you can see it here.

It was a very fun day!

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