Saturday, January 9, 2010

A day with the fishes...

This morning we headed to Mission Bay and Sea World. After a little snafu with my ticket which slowed down our park entry a bit we were on our way to see some fish.

Libi's first request was to feed something and the dolphins are near the front, so I waited in line and Libs watched the sea otters a stone's throw away from me.

So I paid the $6 for 3 frozen fish, took Libi to a free spot on the wall, and she flipped out! She refused to feed a dolphin once one got near her, so Mommy fed the fish to the dolphins (sorry there was no self-portrait of this happening!)

After I cleaned the fish off my hands she agreed to watch the dolphins through the window.

We decided to head over to the seals and sea lions next...

and Lib found them to be a little loud and the birds a little aggressive.

When I asked her if she wanted to feed these guys, this is the response I got. Still not a fan of the stinky fish!

She did want to talk to one of them...

they had quite a long conversation!

All day Libi asked to watch a parade-- I guess we are at Disney parks too much because there is no parade at Sea World. Well, at least there is no parade on the schedule...

On our way to get something to eat we noticed a commotion around the corner. Then we saw this:

They walked the flamingos from a pen in the back to their home in the center of the park.

Right past the guests....

it was amazing!!!

We spent a great deal of time in the penguin encounter-- my favorite thing at Sea World. Libs loved pretending to be a penguin walking around with a little waddle-- I wish I could have gotten it on video but it was too dark in there.

Next we went to the Wild Arctic exhibit.

Libi and I were lucky enough to see:

polar bears,



and more birds,

a walrus,

and beluga whales.

I know it's cliche, but I love photos like this-- just like the Sea World commercials!

Bay of Play was next, but we had to say "Hi" to Elmo before we played!

Libs is still a fan of all the Sesame Street gang-- once a fan of Elmo, always a fan of Elmo!

This will probably be Libi's last time in this area of Bay of Play-- she is just too tall. I let her in today because she is still only 2 years old even if she's super tall.

Libi loved moving all these blocks around, but we did have to talk about sharing with others.

When it came time to leave Libi decided to camouflage herself so I would go without her. It didn't work!

Libi was big enough to go on the bouncy this trip and she went in with gusto. She got knocked around a few times, but was very happy to get back up and keep running!

After lunch (which was much needed!) we went to the tide pools to see the sea stars.

Libi was brave enough to touch them and even picked one up. I guess her parent never told here that the sea stars need to stay in the water-- Whoops!!!

The water was cold, but that didn't stop Libi from touching lots of sea stars.

We checked in on our mingo friends and then we headed over to see Shamu.

Sadly we missed his show, but the trainers were doing a mini-show for a VIP group which we were happy to view.

It was quite cool to see the show from under the water.

It's not every day that you see the trainers underwater with the killer whales...

but we did! Super cool!!!

As you can see from this picture, Miss Libi was getting really tired-- so we headed to the car.

I did want one picture of the two of us, so I did a little self-portrait-- here we are :)

We made one last stop in the gift shop...

where Libi selected a penguin purse...


For dinner we got Daddy back!!! So we headed out to Gordon Biersch restaurant not far from our hotel.Libi was so excited to have him back....I guess she was happy I was there too :)

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

How fun!! Love Sea's definately a close second to Disneyland!