Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Stockton with the old folks...

No, I'm not referring to my parents-- rather the folks who live in Mom's community which Libi loves spending time with.

Saturday morning there was lots of time to cuddle and color with Jammy.

Jammy is so silly!

Before dinner we went to the community where Libi helped with some physical therapy.

Libs loved this "game" but she kept kicking to me not the residents-- guess we need to work on her helping skills.

Jammy had a little work to do so we spent some time in her office....

which Libi likes to think of as her personal play area.

Since Granpa wasn't able to come to Libi's Birthday parties, we had a mini cake and party Saturday night. Libs simply LOVED her Belle cake!!!

After singing and pretending to blow out a candle...

it was time to eat!!! There is ALWAYS room for dessert at Jammy and Granpa's house!

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