Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our baby is 3!!

We began the morning with our family tradition of taking doughnuts and coffee to the nurses at Henry Mayo Hospital.

This year we didn't see any of the nurses who took care of us, but these gals were happy to see us...

and Libi!

We couldn't go see the room she was born in due to H1N1 (we were actually lucky they let Libi into the hospital-- Mommy wasn't thinking of this!)

One last traditional pose at the hospital doors then it was off to....

DISNEYLAND!!! Our first order of business was talking to Goofy on the phone in City Hall and

getting her Birthday button.

We stopped for some pictures at the celebration statue...

here's the whole celebratory crew: Mommy, Libi, Jammy, and Daddy!

Then we listened to the band play songs from some musicals.

Libi was a little hesitant about dancing today.

Daddy did get some really great pictures of our serious little girl though!

Jammy took this one where she was thinking about whether or not to dance.

This is perhaps one of my favorite shots of the day-- my baby isn't looking much like a baby any more :(

I think both Libi and Jammy were happy to be at Disneyland together-- they haven't been in quite some time.

The only character we saw in Disneyland was Goofy. They had a nice chat about it being Libi's 3rd Birthday.

Next it was down to the Plaza to get Libi her very first annual pass! This is quite a right of passage in our home: Mommy got one the very first year they issued them, and Libi got one the very first day she was eligible!

She was very proud of it!!

The picture is pretty cute on it too :)

Daddy went off to see some CADA friends and we put the new pass to use by heading over to DCA.

Our first (and only) ride of the day was the Heimlich train.

Libi wasn't a fan of the watermelon squirting on her...

but sitting next to Jammy made everything better!

They are getting ready to open a new Ariel ride and a new restaurant over by the former Golden California attraction so there was lots of stuff blocked off. Disney does everything cuter than most so even their walls attracted Libi.

Our big surprise for Libi was lunch at Ariel's Grotto.

This is one of those character dining experiences that is too expensive to do on a regular basis, but you only turn 3 once!!

While we waited Libi found a very sweet girl to dance around with and a very loud, obnoxious girl found us!

Once you enter the restaurant you are greeted by Ariel herself-- much to the delight of our little princess.

Libi and Jammy decorated the crown they gave her...

and then it was time for the first course! It was really an amazing lunch: the first course was a salad, antipasto plate, and fruit, then you chose an entree (we got the herb chicken and tri-tip-- both very tasty), and finally a dessert tray.

We had lots of princes and princesses come visit our table to check on the Birthday girl.

Libi's entree was spaghetti and meatballs-- she was most intrigued by the meatball lollipop!

The prince M.C. came to our table and asked Libi help him introduce the first princess.

After he sang a lovely song he called her over...

they read a proclamation and then introduced...


It was quite exciting for all of us!

Each princess that came over was shown Libi's age.

During the course of our meal we saw: Snow White,


and Sleeping Beauty.

While we were sitting there it began to rain-- really rain...

and someone was getting sleepy...

so after cake...

and candles...

and a family photo...

and one more individual picture it was time to go! Jammy took Libi to the front of the park...

while I did something I haven't done in almost 4 years...

ride a roller coaster!

You can see the nervous smile on my, just hoping I wouldn't lose my lunch! Having not ridden a roller coaster in so long I wasn't sure if I would still enjoy it, but I did!!! Next up will be taking Libi on Big Thunder :)

By the time Ron and I met back up with them it was pouring and Libs was out! Happy Birthday sweetie!

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