Monday, January 11, 2010

Kind of a bummer day...

This morning we went to visit Daddy and take him a computer on our way to our first art class. We had a great visit with all of Daddy's "friends" as Libi calls them-- both grown up and teen aged!

We then headed out to Gymboree nice and early for our first class only to find it was canceled. Poor Libs, I had been building up this class all morning and she was really excited.

To make up for this sad news we went to Toys R Us to spend a gift card that Libi got last year for her Birthday.

She chose the Princess and the Frog instrument set complete with a trumpet,

cymbals (Mommy's favorite!),


a ukulele and a shaker that looks like Ray.

Libi and I had fun making music this afternoon-- drumming our blues away!

We also started to break out some of the Christmas toys that Libi got.

Despite the rocky start we had a great day!

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