Friday, October 19, 2007

More notes...

Oct. 19th-- Today we are going to visit with Daddy's team at the bowling alley. We will then head to school with them for lunch. Tonight we will go to the drama cabaret and a star party with Nicholas from Daddy's team.

Oct. 18th-- Grammy and Grampy came over last night. Libs figured out how to turn on her train to make it sing. She also stood up on her own for the first time-- pushing herself up on the hearth. We went to Tierra Rejada with MOPS and had a really nice time. On the way home we stopped at Nana and Pop's since we didn't go yesterday. Libs showed them how she's moving all over the place.

Oct. 17th-- We were supposed to go to Nana's and Bridget's today but Nana canceled due to Bridget's party in the evening and Bridget canceled because she got sick. Mommy took Daddy lunch at the Sport's Center where he was doing a training and Daddy got to show Libs off. Libs and Mommy went to Walmart and walked around. LouLou got a new piano toy which she really likes playing with.

Oct. 16th-- MOPS today. Libs spent most of the day in the daycare making new friends. Every time I checked on her she was chewing on a new toy and watching the other kids. That evening we all hopped over to La Mesa to see the Canyon High School Choir Cabaret show. Libs loved meeting Wally and seeing all of the numbers. She really wanted to sing along but we would only let her clap along.

Oct. 15th-- We had a quiet morning. In the afternoon Mommy and Daddy both had meetings-- Daddy's was in Industry and Mommy's was at St. Stephens Church. Libs went with Mommy to discuss the church fundraisers.

Oct. 14th-- Lombardi times two. Libs went with Mommy (along with Jammy, Granpa, and Daddy) to drop off Mommy's baked goods to the MOPS bake sale. We spent a little time taking pictures at the patch and then returned home so Daddy could mow the lawn for the first time. At about 11:45 Jammy and Granpa left for home, but they took Mommy back to the patch so she could work her 12-2 shift. At around 2 p.m. the whole Ippolito clan came over to the patch so we could do more pictures. Libs wasn't in the best frame of mind so we didn't stay too long. We all went to Don Cuco's for lunch then Aunt Andrea and Grammy came over to watch Libs while Mommy and Daddy ran a few errands.

Oct. 13th-- What a crazy day-- there was a major accident on the 5 freeway so traffic in and out of our valley was a mess. Granpa went to a stamp show near LAX so he got stuck in it-- Daddy took the car to be serviced so he got stuck in it-- Mommy, Jammy and Libs went to take Daddy out to lunch so we got stuck in it. After lunch at Black Angus, a shopping stop at Target and the Disney outlet we returned home to hop back in one car and go to dinner at Nana and Pop's. We had a ton of traffic both ways, but Libs and Tobee both behaved really well!

Oct. 12th-- Today was a baking day for Mommy-- she made bread, witches brooms, marshmallow mummies and 8 dozen cupcakes for the MOPS bake sale. Dolly came over to help entertain Libs while I worked in the morning. Jammy and Granpa came down in the evening and loved spending time with their girl.

Oct. 11th-- We had a MOPS park play date today. Libs enjoyed feeling the grass and watching the big kids play. In the evening Mommy went to a PTA meeting and Daddy and Libs hung out at home.

Oct. 10th-- We spent the day at home since Nana and Pop canceled on us.

Oct. 9th-- Mommy started the gym today. Daddy and Libs hung out at home while Mommy was on the treadmill and the bike.