Monday, January 31, 2011

End of the month

I have a confession....

these photos were actually taken on February 1st at about 12:15 a.m.

For the first time EVER I was so focused on cleaning Libi's closet and preping for crop night that I didn't take a single photo.

I texted Ron from bed at about 12:10 a.m. begging him to re-set my camera and take pictures on 1-31.

Thankfully he's a good egg and he did just that-- keeping my not-forgetting-a-day-of-photo-taking streak alive!!! Thanks honey!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday at Church...

When I took this picture, my total focus was on Libi and her concentration in chime choir. When I got home I realized that the young lady behind her is otherwise engaged. Too funny!!!

Miss Jen, the brave director of the group, is still trying to make the song perfect before February 12th. Please send prayers her way ;)

I attended my first Annual Meeting at church today-- it was full of lots of boring information.... BUT Rev. Lynn did get a really neat award!

I was also commissioned as a member of the search committee for the new rector. Wish us luck in finding someone who can help us to grow our parish!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Fun days at Disneyland

This morning we had a bit of a slow start, but we did manage to plant our tomatoes that was a gift from Andrea and Violet. Let's hope that my black thumb doesn't kill them.

We decided that we needed a bit of family time at our favorite spot, so we headed to DCA. They are totally re-doing EVERYTHING over there, so this is the new entrance plaza.

Libi's one and only request was to go on Soarin', so while Ron got Fast Passes we visited Lightening McQueen.

After lunch on the Pier...

we decided to head to the Blue Sky Cellar.

After seeing the plans for CarsLand inside it was fun to see it take shape outside.

It is so funny to me that the first time Libs did this ride was in EPCOT...

but today we made our West Coast debut on the ride. She still loves it!!!

We ran into Disneyland to take advantage of Character Fun Days.

They brought out all sorts of hard to find characters and had them back in Big Thunder for photo ops. We got to see Horace and Clarabelle,

Snow White and the Queen,

DOPEY (my favorite!!!),

all 7 dwarfs in one photo,

and the gang from Peter Pan-- Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Peter Pan, and Wendy.

Libs loved getting to spend a little time with each of them.

These Family Fun Weekends are going to be a lot of fun!!!

Libs even got to color the above sheet with Geppetto!

Our final ride of the day was Dumbo-- more accurately Ron and Libi's final ride was Dumbo.

I took the opportunity to take some great photos...

gotta love sports mode...

for flying elephants!

While they were in line...

I ran to do some shopping!

We now have every single dress up character they make.... until they make new ones!

One final Dumbo pic...

then we were on our way...

A perfect Saturday at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I got the crud....

Yep, we like to share in our house. Today I woke up with a serious cold!

Once Daddy finally came home, I was off duty!!! Thankfully Daddy likes to play with the hedgehog family and watch cool movies with Libs. I turned in early, so hopefully I can lick this thing quickly!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disney Day at School

Today was one of Libi's favorite days at school--- Disney Day!

The kids get to wear their Disney gear and bring in a Disney toy for share!

They also make cute ears to wear AND this year they gave the kids buttons from the park.

Libs brought Rapunzel to share-- an excellent choice :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Pop to the Zoo

After sitting home all day yesterday and convalescing, Libi was feeling much better today so we picked Pop up and headed to the zoo.

Pop hadn't been to the zoo in decades, so it was fun to show him the changes.

You see, today is Nana's birthday. I am still feeling her absence every day and I couldn't bear to be in her house without her today.

There were lots of animals out...

as the weather was nice and cool.

We even got to see a baby wallaby in his mother's pouch.

Libi loved holding Pop's hand and

leading him to all of her favorite animals.

The big gorilla was especially active today...

as were all three of the elephants (which we learned are Pop's favorite animals!)

Libi impressed the docent by again knowing all the things an elephant's trunk can do.

Libi wore her giraffe dress (which now is too short so it needs leggings). And after lunch, she insisted on posing with the giraffes!

At the tigers Libi tested Pop's hand to see if it was bigger than a tiger's paw.

Surprisingly his hand was larger than this guys paw!

At the rhino Pop gave Libi a lift so she could see him.

On our way out of the zoo...

we saw the cool fox on stilts,

some painted elephants,

the mingos,

and the meerkats who bid us farewell!