Sunday, January 9, 2011

EPCOT day #1

January 1st wrap up. OK friends, it's Heather back on track with the blog-o. It was nice to have a vacation from my blog but honestly, I missed you all. The next few posts are super heavy in photos and light on text so hopefully you will be able to see all of our Walt Disney World adventures quickly!

Thanks to all of you who followed our adventures on Facebook via Gowalla-- the most fun app we own!

The beauty of staying on property is that you don't have to rent a car-- you talk a bus nearly everywhere!

Our trip began with a few troubles-- today there was a mix-up with our tickets that caused us to be late to our breakfast reservation. Happily Ron kept his cool and took care of everything.

Libi proudly wearing her 1st visit button!

Our first park experience was having breakfast with the princesses in Norway-- I thought Libi was going to explode she was so excited!

We met tons of princesses and they were all taken with Libi-- none more than Snow White who gave her a little kiss.

You have to take a photo like this in Norway-- I think I have one from every trip!

The Kidcot fun stops are in every country. This trip the kids got to color a Duffy bear and each country stamped on the handle. Very cute!

We were very excited to see how they refurbished this ride-- adding the 3 Caballeros.

It was darling-- much better than the dated 70's version that was there previously.

I think EPCOT might be my favorite park!

Here was my disqualification for Mother of the Year moment. I accidentally packed shoes that were a full size too small for Libi and made her wear them on the first day of heavy walking. After a few hours she was complaining of sore feet--- whoops!!!!

After a quick ride on Test Track (Granpa's favorite ride)...

we bought Libi new Crocs-- which she loved! Hopefully that will make up for the few hours of torture I made her endure.

One final ride before nap...

on the new Spaceship Earth. They now include you in the ride-- look how handsome Ron is in our home of the future!

I made an autograph book for Libi to take on this trip. We hadn't done this with her before and I wanted her first time to be really special. I used my Cricut machine to cut out dozens of characters which took a million hours (and I didn't even get it all done before we left) but it came out really cute! I have now created a monster who wants to get autographs everywhere we go!

A quick bus ride back to the hotel for nap...

we didn't really time it well seeing as she fell asleep on the bus.

We returned to the Land Pavilion for dinner at the Garden Grill-- a character dining experience which focuses on using the vegetables, fish, and produce grown right in the pavilion!

There is a hidden Steamboat Willie Mickey here-- can you see it?

We are having fun so far!

Our final ride of the night was The Living Seas with Finding Nemo. The "mine" birds were Libi's favorite and she spent much of the night calling, "Mine, mine, mine" and requesting we do the same!

The new ride is great and they still have tons of fish in the aquarium!

On our way out we were able to find my Aunt and Uncle's tile on the wall, but we couldn't find Patty and her families tile.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Love the picture of Libi with Stitch. Also the one of her also with Grandma...classic!