Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to school and MOPS...

Yes, today I returned to MOPS-- albeit for one day, but I returned! I was asked in December if I would lead a craft at a January meeting, so I showed the ladies how to make cards using scrapbooking scraps. It was fun to see lots of gals I love and show them something I'm passionate about.

Libs happily went back to school, but it was far too cold to be outside today.

Pickups on days that they don't go out are always awkward, but Libi still managed to say goodbye to all of her chums.

I love how helpful preschoolers are-- here are Jordan and Brady are fighting over holding the gate for me.

I know this is random, but we stopped by the grocery store after school and I took a photo of what was on the belt. Some staples-- eggs, sour cream, lettuce, syrup, and bananas. Some splurges-- licorice and Hot Tamales. A few recipe specific things-- pomegranate juice and frozen berries to try some smoothies.

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