Saturday, January 15, 2011

A special treat...

Daddy bought us tickets to a special event on Saturday morning at...

the El Cap!

It was advertised as Mickey cartoons accompanied by the El Cap organist-- what it actually turned out to be was an organ/piano concert.

Libi didn't mind because it came with popcorn and apple juice :)

It was quite an interesting show with the duo playing mostly Disney songs and explaining some of the nuances of the songs.

There were two early Mickey cartoons that the organist accompanied-- that was super cool!

Afterward we got to meet the organist whom we have been seeing for years from behind in person!!! He was so nice and Libi can't stop talking about meeting him.

In the evening we went to church to set up for services tomorrow-- aaah the joys of alter guild! On our way home Libi and I rolled down the windows, cranked up Glee, and sang together. It's moments like this that I never want to forget.

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