Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hollywood Studios Day #3

January 3rd Wrap Up:

Today we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios, formerly Disney MGM Studios.

The weather is still lovely!

We've been doing a lot of divide and conquer for character lines-- Ron and I waiting in one while Jammy and Granpa wait in another.

Our autograph book is filling up nicely!

Even though Star Tours is closed, they do have some fun Star Wars stuff around for photos.

Every time Libi sees anything Coke she mentions that it's Granpa's favorite drink-- no wonder she requested a photo with him by the giant Coke bottle.

Next we went to meet Woody and Buzz-- they have a really cool photo spot...

full of photo ops while you wait for the main photo opportunity!!

My favorite was strapping Libi to the rocket like in the original Toy Story...

she looked so cute!

We all posed with Stinky Pete.

Our new favorite show had a billboard next to the Commissary where we had lunch.

My little poser-- she was such a ham on this trip.

Next we went to see Beauty and the Beast on stage... Libi was the perfect audience member!

A quick bench nap while Ron and I rode our favorite of all time, Rock'n Roller Coaster with Arrowsmith! I forgot how much fun roller coasters can be :)

Some tourists wear the strangest things!

We went to Animation to meet some characters: Lotso,

and Mr and Mrs. Incredible.

A brief walk to...

the Great Movie Ride.

It's totally hokey, but you have to do it!

Snack time.

I love all of the pictures of Libs holding hands with her Granpa!

First thing in the morning Ron signed Libi up to be a Jedi this afternoon.

She was so much more excited this time (she actually knew what she was doing!)

This Jedi Master was pretty cute ;)

I love the fact that they put Libi in the front-- it made for much better photos.

When it was time to fight Darth Vader Libi did an amazing job...

I'm not sure who was prouder-- Libi or Daddy!

This is a priceless photo op!

Dinner was at one of my favorites for ambiance-- Sci-Fi Dine in.

You eat in a car and watch hokey monster/alien clips on the big screen.

We've never met Mike before,

so we all had to hop in!

The Osbourne Family Lights were still up-- so we took some time to enjoy them.

Could you imagine having all these lights on your home?