Sunday, January 9, 2011

Animal Kingdom Day 4

Full Day at Animal Kingdom-- January 4, 2011

Today we spent our first full day at the Animal Kingdom.

We got in before the park actually opened...

to have breakfast with Donald.

During the meal Daisy brought over a birthday "pupcake" aka a cupcake and a card signed by all the characters.

We met lots of friends during breakfast-- Daisy, Mickey...

and Goofy! Libi even got to dance with them through the restaurant!

Post breakfast our first ride was the Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Libs was so excited to be going on this ride-- especially since Mommy, Daddy, Jammy and Granpa all told her it was one of their favorite rides at WDW.

Since it was so early in the morning we got to see some of the keepers feeding the animals...

this doesn't happen very often, so if was fun to see.

Between Dad and I we got some really cool animal shots!

My Dad has such a gift for photography-- he captures some of the coolest images!

Next we walked across the entire park to experience Finding Nemo the Musical.

We are all pretty critical of the Disney shows we see--- since we've seen a million of them!

Nemo was quite possibly the BEST show I've ever seen-- including all of the Broadway musicals that Disney has done.

It was gorgeous to look at and the music was great-- you know it's good when you are all singing it after the first viewing!

Libi was still on her character hunt today!

After Nemo and some character sightings, we criss-crossed back to the other side of the park to go on the Safari again.

We saw different animals and got some better shots of other animals.

We walked the Pangani Forest Trail to see what we could see.

Even though we didn't see the hippos-- I love this shot of Libi looking at the fish!

The mama gorilla was sitting right by the glass...

keeping a watchful eye on her baby!

Granpa is smiling here because this suspension bridge was the perfect opportunity to startle Jammy and Libi :)

They have lots of chances for learning-- here the kids were examining footprints and poop of an animal and trying to figure out what it was.

All aboard the train to Rafiki's planet watch where we met...

Pocahontas (who said Libi was one of the sweetest girls she's ever met to Ron and I after their lengthy conversation!) and

Jiminy Cricket!

Since we don't get to see him too often Mommy had to jump into a photo!

Libs did some grooming of the sheep and goats while Mommy, Jammy and Granpa rested!

Once off the train we walked through Asia! We saw Komodo dragons,


and gorgeous scenery.

Poor Libs got really tired at this point and asked to go back to the hotel to nap-- how often does that happen??

On our way out we saw an anteater in the oasis-- such a strange looking animal!

Once back at Port Orleans she got a second wind-- until we got to the room.

Tonight we stayed in our rooms-- dinner was pizza from the food court. Seeing as how this is the half-way point of our trip I think we all needed some down time!

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