Sunday, January 9, 2011

Magic Kindgom Day #2

Our second day we headed to the Magic Kingdom.

Santa brought Libi lots of Disney outfits for her trip-- he's so smart!

Our weather was gorgeous-- meanwhile back home they were being snowed upon.

Our first attraction of the day was the new-to-us Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.

While you wait in the queue y0u have the chance to text in a joke that they can use in the show. Ron texted in a joke of his own and I sent in one of Libi's. Happily Libi's joke was selected (I think it was selected because I submitted it as being from 3 year-old Libi from California.) Want to hear the joke? "Why did the chicken and the Barbie cross the road? Because they wanted to dance!" Super funny to anyone under the age of 5!!

Dad was also selected to be part of the show and he rolled with it like a dream. He doesn't really like attention (or being broadcast on the big screen) but his granddaughter LOVED watching the monsters talk (and flirt) with him! It was a great way to start our day!

Next up was my favorite WDW ride of all time--- Carousel of Progress. I'm always fearful that they will close this down, but it is a true classic!

We took a quick spin on the TTA while waiting for our Buzz Lightyear fast passes to come due.

Afterward we got a glimpse of the man himself!

Lunch was at Cosmic Ray's-- which was fun because we sat right near the Sonny Eclipse show.

Due to heavy crowds-- the characters were out in full force. They still took lots of time to "talk" to Libi and pose for her crowd of paparazzi!

While we waited for some of the more popular characters..

we took some cute photos.

Libi did some hula hooping and got some sparkly jewels for her effort.

Next we went to Mickey's Toontown Fair-- since it won't exist next time we visit WDW.

We looked for Minnie in her house, but she wasn't there.

We did meet up with some princesses in the Hall of Fame tent.

Libs had a lovely chat with Belle who told her that when we saw her tonight at dinner she would be wearing a different outfit.

A short nap on the train--

then we were off to a classic attraction: The Country Bear Jamboree.

It was such fun to see old friends again and to hear the classic music.

While Granpa and Daddy went to Hall of Presidents we waited in line to meet Rapunzel and Flynn.

We waited in line for an hour and almost missed the 5 p.m. show, but once we got in it was worth it!!!

They let the kids color, then they danced with the Tangled crew...

and while we waited for this photo op....

we got to play with Pascal.

Mommy might have been more excited about this then Libi!

Just a bit :)

Next was dinner with Cinderella in her castle...

we had a great table...

and were greeted by our hostess.

Each of the kids gets a wishing star....

and a wand! Very, very special!

Belle was good to her word-- she wore her blue dress to dinner!

We exited the castle just in time for the fireworks.

I took a million photos and got quite a few interesting ones.

We then took Libi to see the Hall of Presidents....

Just like her Daddy she found a group of friends...

and led them in a few activities!

It has been fun watching the Hall of Presidents grow-- I remember my first trip when Ronald Regan was the newest addition. This time we got to see (and hear) President Obama!

As we left the H.O.P. the parade was beginning so we settled in to enjoy it!

They still have lots of the holiday decor out...

so we ended the day with a little photo session.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

That picture of you and Libi at the beginning of your post ought to blown up and framed...absolutely priceless! And Country Bear?! I love them!!!