Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Birthday Party or two...

This morning Libi got to celebrate her special day with her classmates.

She held the flag for the salute and selected their patriotic song.

Libi LOVED the attention of being in the center of the room and having all three classes focused on her.

For her four candles Libi picked Madison, Sarah, Samantha and Brady.

She "lit" them and blew them out one by one.

She showed the singing bear to the class (a ritual they all look forward too!)

She posed for a cute photo with Miss Caroline before blowing out her candles.

When it was time for her Birthday spankings, she said "Excuse me?" in disbelief that she was going to be hit by her teacher.

She loved dancing...

and wearing her crown, shirt and button to advertise her birthday.

When they settled down to do the calendar, I hopped out and went home to clean.

Coming back for pick up I found Libi a very happy little girl.

Flying around the playground tired her out (not to mention our long day yesterday) so we went home to nap.

Dinner found us using our Screaming Deal at Don Cuco's.

There were lots of cuddles and laughs before the meal.

After dinner they brought out the sombrero and a special dessert.

Our waiter teased Libi with a spoonful of whipped cream-- instead of feeding her he put it on her nose.

I think we only have one more Birthday party for the year :)

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