Monday, January 17, 2011

Libi turns 4!!!!!

I can't believe that my baby turns 4 today!

We kicked off her birthday with home-made smoothies and Krispy Kreme donuts...

complete with candles and birthday song!

Libi's requests for her birthday were as follows: put Star Wars stickers in her book, play the Star Wars game the Strassner's gave to us, and to go to Disneyland.

Libs wore a darling shirt from Pop to inform everyone that it was her special day!

Daddy is ready to celebrate!

Our first stop was to Henry Mayo to deliver donuts to the nurses. We have done this every year since Libs was born. It is fun to see the nurses year after year.

There was a Mom in the room Libi was born in so we couldn't go in-- but the cycle continues :)

Once we got to Disneyland we headed straight to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dining fun before we went into the park.

Ron and I used to play with these boats when they were located at the Disneyland Hotel. It was fun to introduce them to Libi.

Libi chose the House of Blues for lunch-- not my first choice, but we had a good time!

Next we made our first visit to Build-a-Bear.

Out of all the darling choices, Miss Libs picked out an all pink bear-- go figure!

She warmed up her heart,

gave her a bath,

picked out an outfit,

dressed her,

and named her Disneyland.

She was so excited to carry her around!

In the Disney 365 store they pixie dusted Libs for her Birthday-- note to self: don't ever do this again!!!

We took the monorail into Disneyland-- there was a bit of a wait but Libs filled the time making a new friend.

Once on the monorail, both Libi and Disneyland were excited!

While Daddy did some shopping for a CADA friend Libi and I went to see the fairies. In line we met a little girl from New Zealand who was turning 6 today. The girls played and enjoyed getting to know each other for the 15 minutes we were in line.

One of the fairies was missing...

but Tink was there.

After showing Disneyland to her, Libi requested that I join them for a photo.

Our next stop lead us to Adventureland and a quick photo with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Our only real ride for the day was Finding Nemo. Libi was hoping it was going to have the music from Animal Kingdom, but it did not!

About ten minutes before we left the park we got Libi her birthday button.

She was all decked out-- Birthday shirt, button, sticker!

A perfect day!!!!

Dinner found us back in Downtown Disney at Naples. The strawberry ice cream with a candle in it was PERFECT for Libs!

There was the most amazing balloon artist wandering through the restaurant...

he made Ariel for Libi (after she asked for Princess Leia and he said he couldn't do her!)

It was the most remarkable thing I've ever seen!

Thanks Daddy for tipping him so he stopped at our table.

Love my big girl!!!

Such a fun day celebrating a wonderful little girl!

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