Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Pop to the Zoo

After sitting home all day yesterday and convalescing, Libi was feeling much better today so we picked Pop up and headed to the zoo.

Pop hadn't been to the zoo in decades, so it was fun to show him the changes.

You see, today is Nana's birthday. I am still feeling her absence every day and I couldn't bear to be in her house without her today.

There were lots of animals out...

as the weather was nice and cool.

We even got to see a baby wallaby in his mother's pouch.

Libi loved holding Pop's hand and

leading him to all of her favorite animals.

The big gorilla was especially active today...

as were all three of the elephants (which we learned are Pop's favorite animals!)

Libi impressed the docent by again knowing all the things an elephant's trunk can do.

Libi wore her giraffe dress (which now is too short so it needs leggings). And after lunch, she insisted on posing with the giraffes!

At the tigers Libi tested Pop's hand to see if it was bigger than a tiger's paw.

Surprisingly his hand was larger than this guys paw!

At the rhino Pop gave Libi a lift so she could see him.

On our way out of the zoo...

we saw the cool fox on stilts,

some painted elephants,

the mingos,

and the meerkats who bid us farewell!

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