Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taking Disneyland to School

Today is a very short post:

Disneyland went to school for share.

The kids always love to share their items after pick-up-- especially these two who are in different classes.

Recent Libi-isms:

While driving in the car yesterday Libi and I had the following conversation:
L: My party is going to be a backyard movie party.
H: Really? Did you talk to Daddy about this?
L: No, but it is.
H: What movie are you going to watch?
L: The Star Wars where Obi Wan has a white beard.
H: How do people know you are having a movie party?
L: It's on my website!
At this point I nearly crashed the car I was laughing so hard!

"He breaks me up!" After watching Fabio on Top Chef All Stars

"Don't sweat the small stuff Tobee." Said to Tobee who was whining for no apparent reason.

"He's afraid of you now!" Referring to Figment after I put him on the magnet board.

"Oh my!" Repeatedly after looking at all of her party decorations.

"It's like Hoth in here!" Also known as-- it's cold in the car!

"What's that about? A big holy mole?" To Ron who accidentally turned off the lights of the room we were in.

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