Sunday, January 9, 2011

WDW Day #7

Today was our last day in the parks and we spent it all at EPCOT!

The marathon was going on so there were lots of tired runners coming back when we were getting on the buses.

We had to bring Figment with us so he could see his friends one more time.

Our first stop was the Land pavilion where Libs went on Soarin' for the first time (she loved it) and

and we went on the Living with the Land boat ride.

I am most intrigued by this set up-- aqua farming where the fish are fertilizing the plants and the plants are giving nutrients for the fish to eat. COOL!!!

Next we took Granpa on the Figment ride since we wasn't with us the other day.

Figment was a little mischievous this time...

he even turned into a smelly skunk (Libi's favorite part of the ride and the first thing she tells anyone who asks about her WDW trip!)

This time Granpa played with her in Figment's play area.

We had fastpasses for one more ride on Test Track then we were off to World Showcase.

One of my girlfriends did a scrapbook album entitled Kissing Around the World. I decided to take photos of kissing in every pavilion. Here is kissing in Mexico,

before we rode the boat ride again!

Norway kisses.

Today we made it to China for the first time!

Who was waiting for us there but Mulan!!!

This is one of the most beautiful buildings.

Love this quote!

Kissing in China.

Jammy and Libi kissed in the African outpost...

before Libs did a drum solo.

Mom and Dad kissed in Germany....

and again after some yummy German caramel corn.

Ron and I kissed in Italy!

Next it was off to America for lunch!

We missed the fife and drum corps,

but we did get to see the Voices of Liberty.

Libi actually was called up to participate in the show... to watch it you can click here.

Afterward the cast was more than happy to meet Libs...

the cast member on the left is her new boyfriend :)

While our family loves the American Experience show...

poor Libs conked out!!!

She woke up in time to color her bear and get her book signed.

Next was Japan...

and a poorly lit Japanese kiss.

In Morocco Libi found a belly dancing outfit that was just her size-- I don't understand why Ron didn't run right up and buy it for her ;)

Moroccan kiss!

We got to meet Jasmine in Morocco.

Jammy had to wait outside in France due to all the perfume, but Ron, Libs and I went inside to see Impressions de France.

We got to meet Marie for the first time ever!

French kiss-- not really :)

In England we met up with Alice in Wonderland. Libi told her that she met the White Rabbit a few days ago!

Red phone booth kiss in the UK.

Grandparent kiss in Canada, eh!

Here is the cast member who helped us complete our Guide to the Magic book.

Dinner on the last night is always at my favorite restaurant in all of WDW-- Le Cellier!

We enjoyed an amazing dinner with complimentary appetizers (thanks to my melt down at the luau), amazing potato cheese soup, Canadian Shirley Temple (a regular Shirley Temple with a shot of orange juice-- yum!) and the cutest desserts!

We all left more than satisfied!!!

We asked Libi what she wanted to do for her final ride at WDW and she said that she wanted to do Nemo and talk to Crush again.

She talked to Crush, but when he didn't understand her Ron and I got to talk to him to translate. It was a really fun way to round out the trip....

but the best was yet to come!

My luau malfunction had another benefit... reserved seating at Illuminations. We got amazing seats in Italy which led to some really amazing photos!

While I know that I shouldn't have cried in public over something so silly-- the Disney resorts way of making things up to me was spot on!

Libi even benefited from her mother's fit-- she got to dance during the show (because there were only 6 other folks watching on our reserved balcony) and the cast member in charge of our seating area gave her a balloon butterfly!

One more kiss for the night...

and a quick family portrait.

Tomorrow we make like the Vikings and travel back home. It was a wonderful week here-- one that I will never forget!

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