Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walt Disney World - Day 3

Our Day in Five Photos:

Today was our first day at the original "Disney World," the Magic Kingdom, opened in 1971. The Magic Kingdom is a lot like Disneyland, except BIGGER. One of the things that is bigger is the castle. At Disneyland, it's Sleeping Beauty's Castle, but here in Florida, the castle belongs to Cinderella. We got to have dinner inside the castle tonight! There were so many great moments at the Magic Kingdom today that I will devote the remaining four photos to things you CAN'T find in Anaheim.

Country Bear Jamboree was one of my favorite attractions growing up! I was sad when it closed in California, but the nice thing is you can still find the originally in Florida. Henry, Teddi Berra, Big Al, and all my favorites were there!

The Hall of Presidents is way cool. All 43 Presidents, plus a movie at the beginning narrated by Morgan Freeman. I love that the Imagineers always keep it current.

I wasn't even born when the Carousel of Progress left Disneyland in 1973. It's a little dated, but it's a piece of Disney Park history, so we had to pay a visit. I say bring back "America Sings." California or Florida, I don't care. That's the rotating attraction I grew up on. :-)

This was the FIRST attraction we visited today, but my photos are a little out of order. The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor was hilarious! Monsters do stand-up comedy to collect laughter (like at the end of the movie). You can even text your jokes in and if it's good they might use it in the routine. Libi's joke made it into the show:
Q: Why did the chicken and the Barbie cross the road?
A: Because they wanted to dance!
Hey, when you're 3-years-old, that joke is comedy gold!
Alright, that's WDW in Five Photos! As a bonus, I'm going to do a Five Photos Special on tonight's fireworks in front of the castle. Enjoy! Tomorrow is Disney's Hollywood Studios! -Ron
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