Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wagon photos for Jammy

Today Libs and Ron hung out at home while I went to a baby shower for Michele (my partner from Skipper Club.) It was nice for me to get out and for Ron to spend some quality time with Libi after this crazy week when he's been home so late.When I got home I did a photo shoot with Libi in the backyard.You see, for Christmas I made my Mom a scrapbook based around Libi's red wagon (which my parents gave her for Chirstmas.)Every month we take a picture of Libi in her wagon to add to the book.This month with so much going on we had neglected to take the photos until today. Sadly, Libi was not in the mood to pose in the wagon she was much happier collecting leaves.Eventually after some bribing with chocolate (I was channeling Jammy) she concented to get in.She kept chanting, "Jammy, Jammy!"I'm just thankful that one little piece of chocolate can coax her into submission-- I should try this with potty training!!I'm posting this picture for Nana-- she still has expressive toes!!Here you can see her latest boo-boo. It's on her right foot and was incurred when she stood behind the door from the garage to the house and Daddy opened it on her.After one final hug for the was off to the races!!!

On a funny note:
-at music class I called Libi a "screaming me-me" and she turned and said, "I want to see Meme!" I guess I need to be more careful what I say.
-today we saw Goofy on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When she saw him she began to impersonate him by saying, "Beep, beep, ha-yuck!" This was from an episode she saw the other day where Goofy gets stranded on Mars. She really gets things stuck in her head!!
-we are obsessed with the movie Cars for the moment. While she was playing with her dolls today I heard her say, "The customers are coming!" Miss Sally (from Radiator Springs) would be proud!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First "swimming" of the summer...

After a very lazy day at home we pulled out the kiddie pool for the first official "swim" of summer.Libs wore her crocodile bathing suit from Jammy... which prompted her to say, "Snap" when she saw it!! I hope that she was saying that to imitate what the crocs jaws do and not to adopt 90's slang!!!Tobee and Libi had fun filling up the pool.Tobee was a great lifeguard...until she tried to swim along with Libi.It's so funny to watch her splash and swim away in a tiny pool-- I guess it's the simple things that lead to the greatest joy!It was a beautiful day, with a bit of a brisk breeze but Libs didn't seem to mind.There was lots of splashing, diving, and hopping in the pool.A big finish--- "Ta-da!!!" What a fun day in the water.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Final music class before summer session

Today was our final music class for the semester. Libi always loves these classes as we do a smattering of all the best songs from the past few months.She still loves playing the guitar during the "Hello song" but now she sings along with that song and most of the others!We got to play with more puppets...lots and lots of puppets!!!Libi even tried to steal Miss Moira's ladybug puppet-- that's why Mommy bought her a ladybug finger puppet of her own.For the final instrument free-choice Libs took five instruments, sat down, and played all of them in turn. We hope to continue classes in the summer, but our calendar is filling up!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day interrupted!

We had lots of fun plans for the day, but sadly our car did not cooperate!
In the morning we ran out so that I could return to Weight Watchers. I am hoping to take it off and keep it off this time!! Wish me luck! The car was fine for that trip...
when we were ready to depart for joint hair cuts the car died!
Poor Libi was all ready-- she had her backpack full of stuff and she was talking about Cassie (our hairdresser) all day!!!
So when we couldn't get out we spent some time in the front yard while we waited for Grampy to come rescue us!
Luckily Grampy was able to come and jump start us so we could drive to the dealership and get it replaced.Libi is so easy going that while we waited she just played with leaves. I'm so lucky that she can change plans on a dime!Much of the afternoon was spent in the Saturn dealership waiting for our car. Libs finally napped on the way home, so we had to cancel our plans to meet up with Ron for dinner before his meeting. That meant that we didn't see Daddy at all until after 9:30 that night!!

Libs and I filled the time hanging out in the backyard and watching the Cars movie-- she is such a Pixar fan!!!Tobee has been so patient with all of us lately and our crazy schedules. She is a very good puppy and we love her!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mom's Club and 8th grade stuff!

This morning we hopped into the car to head to a Mom's Club membership meeting.
Libi insisted that Jesse get buckled in too-- so like a good Mommy I obliged!When we got there Libs took Jesse on teeter-totter ride. It seemed like Libi did more of the work :)She was a teeter-totter girl today-- no swinging for her. She even tried to get on when other kids were tottering.Libs wore shorts to the park today-- and she skinned her knee up pretty good. I knew there was a reason I dress her in pants for the park!!I caught this sweet shot of Libi holding hands with one of the twins. She is trying so hard to be friends to every kid she meets-- sadly they don't always appreciate her hugs and hand-holding.

After the park we went to drop off the last of our paperwork for preschool. Libi was thrilled because she got to see Ben (who promplty gave her a big hug after introducing her as "That's my Libi!!")
We went into Ben's classroom so that Libi could be with kids while we did some organizational stuff. Again Libs sat right down and watched share time. She did get a bit distracted when some of the kids prattled on, but all-in-all she did well. When it came time for the kids to eat (and time for us to leave) she freaked out!!! Miss Carole said she could stay, but I wanted to go home. She threw a major fit all the way home-- I'm really happy that she loves school, but I hope this doesn't happen every time we have to leave!After a nice, long nap we went to Lucas' 8th grade awards night while Ron attended Rio Norte's.Libi showed off her new barrettes-- they are Tinkerbell ones. One of the Mom's Club Moms makes them and I fell in love with them (I bought 4 pairs of them!)It was a long ceremony so Libs entertained herself by dancing on the grate, trying to button her sweater, and playing with the camera. Mommy took this shot just before she made a grab for my camera!After the ceremony we got to hug Lucas and say hello to some of my former students. Thanks to the Lopez family for always including us in their family functions!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"We have a busy day!"

This has become Libi's favorite phrase first thing when she wakes up. Today it was quite true!! We began the day at the park for a Moppet reunion. Sadly, none of the kids from Libi's room came, but she had fun!!She asked for a picture with her favorite purple dinosaur-- who am I to say no??She's noticing more details lately. Today she noticed the shoes on the caterpillar. "Silly!" was all she could say about that!Of course we had to swing!! Today she was "Flying like Tinkerbell, to infinity and beyond!" I think we need to refresh her memory that those are two different movies.I was playing around with the camera and took some shots from inside the tubes.In the evening I let Libs try out Play-doh for the first time. Of course I made her go outside (who wants clumps in their carpet??) and I had Daddy supervise (I'm nearly caught up on journaling my 365 album so I'm a woman on an mission!)Libs got some tools from her last Preschool in a bag from Mommy Adventure Club and I think they enhanced the experience!The rolling pin wasn't used properly-- I guess I need to bake more cookies with her!

After the play-doh experience we went to Meme and Pop-Pops again. Libi got to dance the night away while we watched a brand new (not even released to the theaters) movie! Very fun!