Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Libi's perspective...

Today on our drive to Rio Norte I gave Libi the camera to take some pictures.

It was so interesting to see her take on things!

Love this self portrait.

She even got me at a stop light.

When we got to Rio we found that Ron was having a former student speak to his classes.

He is now a sheriff, but he did bring a really funny piece of "evidence" against Ron:

a signed document denouncing his UCLA-ness. It gave all of us a good laugh!

The kids are always happy to have Libi visit. They talk with her, dance with her, play games, and do goofy things that junior high school kids don't normally enjoy.

For lunch we met up with Paige and Christine at their home. The girls played while Christine and I played catch up after too many months of not seeing one another. We all had a wonderful time and will have to do it again soon.

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