Saturday, January 22, 2011

May the Fourth be with you...

Today was Libi's last birthday party for the year.

My very sweet friend Julia from Whip It Up Sweets made this darling cake for us!

She made a Leia for Libi,

came up with the cutest cake phrase EVER,

made gum-paste light sabers,

and even painted the Death Star for the cake. It was gorgeous!!!

Disneyland even got into character for the party in an outfit that Ron and I purchased on the sly when we were at Build a Bear.

I love how Disneyland has a comb in her gun holster-- there is nothing more girlie than that!

The decorations even made their way onto the cups-- that was as fancy as I got :)

Dinner was comprised of pizza, chips, fruit, and a veggie tray-- I know, a total gourmet meal!

The guests didn't seem to complain!

I love this picture of Ben: Emma wrote "Happy Birthday Libi!" on the chalkboard and then Ben did his best to copy it. What a sweet guy!

Speaking of sweet guys--- PopPop was Tobee's best friend during the party. She was just thrilled to actually be invited to one of our parties instead of being penned in upstairs.

When it was time for presents Libi asked to sit between Grampy and Aunt Andrea.

She was so excited to open gifts that were just for her.

The audience was transfixed on her every move.

Aunt Andrea...

and Aunt Violet helped on the most difficult to open gifts.

There was tons of Star Wars stuff to go around AND

a brand new bike!!!!

In addition to the cake I made brownie cupcakes using the Star Wars cupcake liners and toppers we found at Williams Sonoma months ago. I personally think Han Solo looks super hot on these toppers-- I saved a few for later ;)

Jammy brought a Darth Vader candle to complete the cake!

It was time for cake and Libi was so excited!

She patiently waited for us to sing...

then it was time to blow those candles out.

After licking all of the candles...

it was time to eat!!!

While Daddy and Aunt Andrea set up the movie stuff Ben, Emma and Libi found ways to entertain themselves.

They prepared themselves for the movie...

with some serious light saber action.

While the boys were outside with the kids in the cold watching Star Wars Episode 4-- Amy and I were inside drinking wine. I think we got the better end of the deal.

The one thing my family kept saying to me after the party was-- "Wow, you are going to miss that family when they move!" How true, how true!

By the end of the evening we were all tuckered out-- even Disneyland!

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