Sunday, January 16, 2011

The boy is back in town....

and he brought treats!!!

After church we grabbed Daddy from the airport. Not only were we excited to see him, but he brought us treats! Libi got a Fancy Nancy book and some "tontons" aka croutons. I got a purple scarf and another gift that will be sent to me later.

In the evening we tasted our chocolates from around the world. While we were in WDW we purchased chocolate from each country with the intention of trying them all when we returned home.

The only country I couldn't find chocolate from was China-- note to self: if I ever go to China, bring my own chocolate!

The Play-doh factory is still in full force over here, so we had to clean it off before the tasting began.

Libi was a total trooper-- she tried everything and didn't ask to spit anything out. Mommy on the other had did spit several out! I am a total milk-chocolate purist!

It was a lot of chocolate and we didn't even make it half way through tasting. It will be fun to try the rest another time.

We are just thrilled to be a family of three again with everyone back home where they belong!

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