Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teddy bear Picnic...

Today was the Teddy Bear Picnic at school as well as the end of blue/brown week.

Since Libs wore solid brown on Tuesday, today she went all in blue.

I have never sent her to school with her hair down and I think it makes her look so much older-- don't think I'll be doing that again :)

The grass is being fertilized...

so they have the kids walking laps on the black top. It was really fun to watch.

Our share bear was a Duffy-like bear. While we didn't buy a real Duffy bear at WDW, I had this one that is exactly the same design the only difference is that you can't change the outfits.

In the evening we delivered a meal to a Mom's Club mom who is going through chemo. She lives in Aqua Dulce which is about 20 minutes north of where we are.

This is never a problem because Ron gets to have dinner at one of his favorite joints-- EZ Takeout Burger.

The whole family accompanied me on the delivery and then we sat in the car and ate our burgers (Libi had a corn dog!)

We even tried their donuts for the first time-- made fresh to order. YUM!!!!

What a fun little family adventure!

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