Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!!!

We kicked off the New Year by chatting with Dad's friend Angus Lincoln in England. It was nice to finally "meet" him after hearing about him for years.

We then slipped off for lunch at Bob's at the Marina-- I say slipped because Mom was at work and we knew she would be sad we went without her. Luckily we already have plans to return tomorrow for breakfast with her :)

Libi really wanted a pancake, but due to it being after 12, she had to settle for chicken nuggets (which she ate like a champ!)

Afterward we went for a walk on the docks.

There was a very friendly dog who wanted to join Ron and Libi on their walk.

Poor Libs really wanted to swim with the ducks-- Daddy had to explain that it was too cold and too dirty to swim in this water.

It was a very nice way to ring in the new year!

Libi has been very helpful setting the table during her stay-- her preschool training is kicking in.

Miss Libs has found every nook and cranny in Jammy and Granpa's house to play in-- here she is between the wall and the TV cabinet playing with her scarf and dolly. It takes them several days to remove the Libi prints after we leave-- she leaves her mark nearly everywhere in their home.

This year I am really concentrating on memory preservation with our family. Every month on the first I'm going to respond to a set of questions inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook. I am in the process of making a sweet little album to write all of this in, but for today I'll just type it for you. Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish the album and post some pictures for you.

Date: Jan 1, 2010

Outside my window: There were lots of fireworks and guns going off last night in Stockton

I am wearing: A green shirt and black sweat pants

I am going: To a few scrapbook stores tomorrow and Bob's at the Marina

I am hoping: To get healthier, more organized, and become a better cook this year.

I am creating: Several things: an album for Sami, a calendar for Mom, a monthly album for myself

I am hearing: The hum of Ron and my computer as we lay in bed and work together.

I am watching: MASH on the DVD player-- it's nearly time for bed :)

I am loving: Being a SAHM-- too bad I'm going to have to work part time again soon.

On my mind: My grandmother-- hoping that her end is peaceful

Pondering these words: "Trick or Treat on the Street" Libi read these words off the computer today when she was looking at pictures with Jammy. Who knew that our nearly 3 year-old could read????

From the kitchen: Tonight I contributed rice pilaf and brownies to dinner.

Around the house: I can't wait to get home and take down our holiday decor to make way for January.

One of my favorite things: At the moment I'm loving the Cricut which is making my creativity so much easier!

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