Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finally a day with Jammy :)

We took Jammy to Bob's for breakfast this morning.

Libi was thrilled to pieces to have her Jammy with her at Bob's.

See that smile???

We were also joined by some friends this morning: Destiny and her grandparents Dennis and Cheryl,

and Rob and Valerie.

I think Mom enjoyed the morning (even if she got several calls from work while we were there.)

While everyone chatted after the meal Libi asked to once again see the boats. There were no ducks or dogs so Libs didn't need to spend much time out there in the cold.

We had such a nice day hanging out with Jammy and Granpa-- Mom and I even got in a little scrapbook shopping.

In the evening we headed to the fast-paced town of Lathrop for dinner.

Libi was in rare form: asking everyone (even Granpa) to take her to the bathroom, singing at the top of her lungs, and making awfully funny faces.

She also did a long stint where she had her hat pulled over her eyes saying, "I can't see you!" Nobody can say our daughter doesn't have personality!

We then headed to Dell'Osso farms to view their first ever Christmas on the Farm.

They built an inner tube hill for sledding, a paddock for Santa's reindeer, and a gorgeous display of custom made light displays.

We drove through in Granpa's car with the heat blasting and were very cozy.

They did have a train ride and a tractor drawn wagon ride to see the lights, but we were much happier where we were.

We even got to pull over on several occasions so we could get better pics.

Libi was super excited to see Christmas stuff again since we told her that Christmas was over.

Her favorite part was going through all of the light tunnels.

I loved the very original displays that they had-- how often do you see a cow and a pig in lights??

All of their displays are LED lights so they are very environmentally friendly.

The final display is a really long tunnel of rainbow lights.

Super fun to photograph as you are driving through...

or once you are on the other end :) Thanks Ron for the very artistic photo!

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