Monday, January 25, 2010

One photo....

Yep, this is all I have for today-- one lousy iPhone picture to remind me to get a new cartridge for my Xyron.

This was such an odd day! Libi and I spent the day recovering from our 5+ hour drive home with more potty stops than I can remember! I totally spaced on taking pictures of her!

I did take this one photo before I went to bed, you see I have challenged myself to make 100 scrapbook layouts before I buy any new product. This is especially difficult after seeing all the cute new stuff coming out of CHA this weekend!!! I have so much in my scrapbook room that it seems irresponsible to buy more until I've used more of what I have, hence the challenge! I am already over 20 pages in and it's been really fun to just go through and use my stash! I am allowed to buy adhesives and since I've been using my Cricut a ton I just ran out of my Xyron adhesive-- leading to the one and only picture for today!

To help ease the pain of the lack of photos-- here are some things that Libi has said recently:

-"I'm here!!!" the second she walked through the door at preschool causing everyone to stop and stare at my confident daughter.

-"Just one napkin!" When we were getting ready for dinner. We have been working on not taking more than you need with Kleenex, napkins and toilet paper-- perhaps she thought we needed to be reminded as well.

-"I see myself!" Libi finally noticed that she can see herself in the rear-view mirror during our trip up north!

-We saw lightening on the drive to Mary Poppins-- Libi's response: "Do it again!!!"

-"My ears hurt!" again in response to Ron and I singing or a song she doesn't like. We are working on a more polite response!

-"Relax Mommy!" This was said to me on Friday as I was scrambling to pack everyone up for our weekend away-- not sure where she picked this up, but I'm not a fan!

-When Daddy asked Libi to sit on the potty she replied-- "I'm not Tobee I'm a girl!!!"

-Grampy's car has been having trouble so only Grammy came over to visit one evening. We were explaining to Libi why he wasn't here when Libi asked Grammy, "Do you have an airplane?"

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