Sunday, January 24, 2010

Typhoid Mary is heading home...

Sadly we shared our stomach bug with Jammy so we didn't see her at all on Sunday before we left. (Coincidentally we also shared with Granpa who was out of commission on Monday!)

Libs ran around and got lots of oogies out before our long drive home.

For the past few trips Libi has been fascinated with Jammy's scrapbook albums I make her every year for Christmas. She looks at all of the pictures of baby Libi and says things like: "So cute" or "That's when I was a baby!". However this time I think I freaked her out! There is a picture in the first book of our ultrasound and I told Libs that it was a picture of her when she was in Mommy's tummy. She just stared at me and said, "I'm not in Mommy's tummy!" For the rest of the day she was scared that she was going to have to go back into my tummy. I explained that she was much too big and that there was NO WAY she was going back in my belly, but I think in the back of her mind she's still tweaked out about it. Whoops!!!

Yesterday we ran some errands with Granpa and he bought her this rose (it was her choice in the dollar section at Target!)

It has been really fun to spend so much one-on-one time with my Dad when we visit!!!

Smell the lovely fabric rose!

As soon as Ron gets back from Sommerset we are heading home-- can't wait to have the family back together again!

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