Friday, January 29, 2010

A super fun day!!

Today we went to see Nana and Pop to make up for Wednesday!

When we arrived Nana had a surprise-- two new tambourines which had been adorned with pretty ribbons! Libs was drawn straight to them and she made quite a racket shaking and banging on them!

Today we celebrated Nana's birthday which was on the 26th! She got some new cards from us in addition to the birthday song we sang to her on her actual birthday!

Libi noticed that the napkins were not under the silverware so she had to "fix" it! She is very particular about how the table is set!

Today there were two desserts with lunch-- yummy maple bars and angle food cake with Nana's special chocolate frosting.

In the evening I had a scrapbook night for a few friends and we made this little Valentine's make and take. It is a treat bag made mostly with my Cricut! The three gals who showed up had fun and I got a lot done!!!

So I could have some Mommy time, Ron took Libs out for the evening. When they left they had no idea where they would end up, they just knew it would be fun!

They drove down to Winnetka to see....

the Chipmunk Movie!!! (Better Ron than me!)

Libs loved the movie-- I guess there were lots of songs in it! They got back pretty late, but they had tons of fun so it's all good.

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