Thursday, January 14, 2010

More partying!

We've been getting up early this week. It does have some advantages, as this is the sight that greeted me today-- a hawk waiting for his breakfast.

Today was a really exciting day at preschool. January is all themed with colors and shapes: this week it is triangles, brown and blue. In honor of the week I dressed Libi in the only brown and blue dress we have and she looked very sweet! It was also teddy bear picnic day so Libi got to bring in her favorite teddy bear. This ballet bear was given to her by Santa so it is very special.

It was also the day that Libi got to celebrate her Birthday with her school friends and they do it up BIG at SCLP!!!!

First order of business was a crown-- very spiffy!

Miss Libs got to hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and she selected the patriotic song they sing afterward (she chose "Red, White and Blue.")

When the teachers asked Libs how old she was she held up three fingers and said, "TWO!" Whoops-- guess we need to work on hands and mouth working together :)

Next they "made" Libi a birthday cake in song. They asked her what kind of cake she wanted and without hesitation she said, "Princess cake!" When it came time to decide on a flavor it took a little more thought, but eventually she decided on vanilla.

She got to be in the center of the carpet for several songs which made her really happy-- she LOVES being the center of attention (she gets it from her Daddy!)

Next she got to show the Birthday bear to all of her friends. It's a really cute bear that sings the birthday song. All the kids wave and say "Hi" to the bear as it walks by them.

Then they sing their own version of the "Happy Birthday" song and Libi got to blow out a candle with the help of Miss Tasha.

That was followed by Birthday spankings. The teachers "spank" the kids once for each year.

When it was over Miss Tasha asked Libi if it hurt and she said, "Yes!" She's such a drama queen!!!

Then it was time for another darling Birthday song on the CD player. This one asks the kids to make a wish-- here is Libi's wishing face :)

Next we went with the Hootin' Owls into the Monkey room for snack. Libi's class only had 5 kids in it today so we decided to share her birthday snack with her friends in the Owl room.

Libi enjoyed her cookies...

and milk! Luckily there was only one boy in the room and he was a trooper to not complain about the princess napkins!

When I came to get Libi she insisted on calling Daddy before we left-- here she is telling him all about her Birthday celebration.I had to take a few pictures of Libi in her bear ears from the picnic when we got home...
both Libs and her bear enjoyed the picnic!
What a fun day!!!

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