Sunday, January 10, 2010

On the road again...

This morning Libi and I grabbed some food from the coffee shop and enjoyed it in our room. While Ron wrapped up his meetings we packed up and got ready to head back home. Hopefully our life will return to "normal" this week as routine sets back in!

Heading north we stopped in Carlsbad for lunch with my dear friend from preschool, Sami and her family.

With a newborn they were running a bit late so we had some time to be silly while we waited for them.

Wanna try them on???

Okay, I'll give it a go!!

When will they get here, I'm hungry??? (This is one of the faces Libi-Lou is making often these days-- not sure where she got it from!)

Once she saw her friend Benji all her sweetness was restored!

They exchanged Christmas gifts-- better late than never right?

Ben liked his Gator golf...

and Libs loved her "Llama" books.

She was particularly smitten with little Sasha, whom she kept calling "Tasha."

She loved looking at her sweet little feet and hands and I loved holding the precious little bundle!

Ron even gave it a go for a bit-- I love seeing him with a little one, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to have another one ;)

The kids ran and played just like they saw each other every day.

I wonder where they get that from??? Here are Sami and I on our first day of preschool a million years ago.

We hope that we start seeing them more often so that our kids have the same fun relationship we had!

A little more playtime...

while Sami and I got our photo taken.

Then one last hug and it was time to go home!

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