Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A MOP-py Day

Today we had MOPS. It was a bit stressful to get out of the house this morning, but we made it to the meeting. My kids are doing really well, my staff is amazing, and the girls are fun!Here are Julia (one of my workers) and Chelsea (a table leader) mugging for the camera. You see I am now in charge of the photo directory-- I refuse to live another day without this resource. So today I took about 40 pictures of the Mommy's who felt beautiful today. It was really fun to channel my yearbook hubby to take some mug shots!

When we got home we were so blessed to have a visit from Dolly. She entertained Libs while I cleaned up the house (Tobee had some issues this morning-- poor girl!) It was so nice to have a chat with her after my task was done. Libs loved showing her how to dance to the Wiggles.Daddy brought a special treat home from work. Aunt Betti from his school found this plate that used to belong to her daughter and she thought Libs would love it. She was so happy to carry it around and point to Tinks wings, hair and shoes.Tonight in tubby Libs played with her xylophone the entire time. She was so proud to show off her skills. She just learned the word mallet and showed it off by yelling it and pounding them of every surface in the tub.Post tubby we have been chiling on the sofa watching American Idol. What a nice day!

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